The We Space Dinner Series

We would like to extend a special invitation to The We Space Dinner Series beginning August 25th @ 5 pm. Over the course of five sessions, we will join in community with great people and great food to journey deeper into the We Space. Together we will learn the skills to develop a practice that will transform the way we relate to each other based on how we see each other, how we listen to each other and how we speak to each other. 

Following the series, you will be invited to attend our ongoing We Space Practice Group where you will receive support for further deepening and development. 

We Space Work:

1) Creates a sense of belonging and the quality of being genuinely seen.

2) Unites individuals across a growing cultural diversity.

3) Helps groups explore multiple perspectives beyond the limits of personal opinions.

4) Helps establish a container for collective transformation transcending and including personal transformation.

Because each session of the dinner series builds on the previous one, it is required that you attend at least four of the five sessions. Please feel free to contact us via phone or email with any questions. We would love to take this journey with you! Feel free to bring a friend!

The 100th Table Dinner Series

Aug 25 – Sept 22, 2019 (5 Weeks)

5 pm – 8 pm

Highland Lake Cove Cafe

215 Rhett Drive

Flat Rock, NC 28731

Registration: $140.00 

Please RSVP: [email protected]

If you would like to use a credit/debit card, please pay via Paypal: [email protected]