The Art of the Craft

It's all about the process...

The Art of the Craft

Have you ever had the experience, perhaps as a child, of getting so lost in creating something with your hands that you lost track of time and everything else melted away? When we let go and go with the flow, there’s an opportunity to turn off the mind and allow something that we might never have imagined to be created through us.

Whether you are someone who experiences the healing qualities of creating something with your hands on a regular basis, or you’ve never picked up a paint brush or played with clay, you are invited to our “Art of the Craft” Circle. All generations are welcome and encouraged to play. Come feel the joy of creation and experience the Truth that it’s all about the process, not the final result. We will offer a variety of mediums through which you can get your hands dirty (or not 😉 ) and tap into the flow of creation. Bring a snack to share.


There are currently no Art of the Craft events scheduled.

215 Rhett Drive
Flat Rock, NC 28731

Reservations required. Please email or call 828-393-5775 for details.