More Than Pizza

by Jul 23, 2016

My family and I have recently been welcomed with open arms and hearts into the Highland Lake Cove community. Invited to our first Life of Pie event, we couldn’t say no. As if a make-your-own-pizza theme weren’t enough, the pizza is then cooked in a wood fired oven. There is simply a different quality from food that’s been cooked this way. It’s as if the hours of careful preparation and loving attention that go into preheating the oven are somehow infused into the food. There is something so natural, so primal, about cooking this way. But it’s about more than the pizza. It’s the community. It’s the connections, the conversations, and the laughter. It’s about discovering what’s real, why we’re all here on this beautiful planet, and what truly matters. making pizzaWhether helping to set up or clean up or anything in between, I was reminded that so much of what we do alone on a daily basis used to be done in community. Like in a big Italian family, the activity may be centered on food, but the hearts are centered on each other as we live the Truth that we are all one big family, even if we just met. It was inspiring to watch people of all ages – who may have started the evening as strangers – bond while working together and learning from each other to prepare their perfect pies. We all went home that night with happy bellies and full hearts. This is what we’re here for. These moments of fulfillment aren’t meant to be experienced only on holidays and vacations. They are available whenever we gather with intention.