flat rock maker's market

The heart of Community

The heART of Community

Our Maker’s Markets are like a Flash Mob mini-festival. Local artisans, teachers, musicians, cooks, and young families with kids… coming together in the spirit of a small town community fair; a “people potluck.”

Similar to the story of Stone Soup (video below), where an entire village, bringing whatever they had, created a most magical meal – Stone Soup Gatherings are created by their participants. In our version, however, more than good food gets created. Like “Show and Tell” for the whole community, it’s about meeting your neighbors and creating a showcase for a variety of talents, passions, and skills… just for the fun of it.

Because the “ingredients” differ each time, no two gatherings will be alike. You may get to try a drum circle, mud artistry, woodworking, or learn about honeybee care in one, and then enjoy art, music, feeding  the goats, and learning about how to make cheese in another (all accompanied by great food of course). See the gallery at the bottom of the page for highlights of past events.

Like the large kettle in the stone soup story, these gatherings are a vehicle for something much greater to emerge. And somewhere in the mists of your memories… you know this place. Come remember it back into being… together.


Join us!

Stone Soup Gatherings are community events where all are welcome.

Stay tuned for details on the next Stone Soup Gathering.

215 Rhett Drive
Flat Rock, NC 28731

Please email or call 828-393-5775 for details.