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The Community Incubator

The Community Incubator

I’ve been launching small businesses in the area for 50 years.  To be more accurate I should say “we” since although it’s essential that at least one person commits to holding the vision for a new venture “no matter what….” most enterprise takes a small dedicated group to bring them into fruition.  The sense of purpose and connection that such a team is able to develop–almost always is the difference between success and failure.

Looking back on that journey the thing that stands out the most is how fortunate I have been as far as the teams that came together to routinely pull off the impossible.  While like most entrepreneurs I made a lot of mistakes, the practices and capacities that ended up working the best over the years are like gold to me now.

Art of the Feast - People Potluck 520The businesses that have found me over the years spanned seven different types, and usually came in pairs.  I suppose it’d be no surprise to me that the 8th one coming up now… will be a foray into something both completely new…and not.

We’ve been experimenting with our particular idea for a Community Incubator here since 2016…shortly after our being introduced to a way of tapping a collective intelligence… that in my experience…must be pretty close to what Einstein was talking about when he said that we wouldn’t be able to solve the problems we face today with the same level of thinking that created them.

If we look back across the history of humanity’s evolution in detail, we can see that huge leaps happen periodically that literally change everything, creating completely new worlds.

There is one beginning to show now that will be such a game changer… and the folks who can learn to sense what’s emerging– and can build the needed capacities– will be the best suited to catch the first rides on what may likely be the most important wave ever.

There is no handbook yet.  It’ll have to be written from the inside out.

The promise is, however, a deeper level of satisfaction than the old school of a Single bottom line business could ever create.

Please sign up for our newsletter for more information.  The Beta ship will launch in 40 days, on May 1st.  Don’t miss her.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.
– Margaret Meade